Myel Brochure

Myel Brochure

Mockup of promotional brochure for jewellery company Myel laid out with matching background.

Project Outline

This project was completed in my second year of the program. I was tasked with creating a promotional tri-fold brochure for one of the three pre-existing local companies suggested by the teacher. I chose the fine jewellery company, Myel. I was permitted to use any content I wanted from their website with the goal of making the brochure stand out while still fitting into the pre-established brand identity and aesthetics of the company.

The Concept

I started by selecting two jewellery collections from the Myel website that I thought would complement each other: Zodiac, which was a zodiac sign-themed collection of jewellery, and Origins, which was a birth stone-based collection. I thought both of these collections implied a belief in astrology and a desire for a more customizable, personalized approach to jewellery; hence, they would appeal to the same demographic. I created the different zodiac constellations using the associated birth stones as the stars. For the front, I wanted to evoke the wider themes of MYEL as a company by including the honeycomb pattern and adding the charms from their original customizable collection into the pattern. I used some photography but kept it very restrained, with a little bit on the front incorporated into the pattern to draw in the viewer and a larger image on the opening flap to show off their biggest and most intricate ring alongside their main values. I also made use of the very thin illustrations present on the website by incorporating a hand and adding some stars to imply the celestial mood of the zodiac jewellery.

Design for one side of brochure for jewellery company Myel. The three panels feature photography of the jewellery as well as some text and a honey comb pattern with gems inside it.
Design for one inside of brochure for jewellery company Myel. The three panels feature photography of the jewellery, text describing the Origins and Zodiac collections. Astrological constellation designs made up of lines and gems and a small illustration of a hand with starts in it.

The Process

I sketched it out and then created my initial design in Adobe InDesign. I presented my initial version in class, and after some feedback, I made the lights thinner to reduce their visual weight and reflect the delicate nature of the jewellery. I also added more negative space by reducing my type size. After a few test prints, I was left with the much more polished version here.

What I learned

I have a very colourful and organic personal style, so it was a creative challenge for me to come up with an interesting concept that held true to the more restrained, less colourful, and more minimal look of the brand. I learned that sometimes working within a more restrictive palette and style can push me to come up with even more compelling designs, and that I am capable of making a very refined and delicate design.

Mockup of promotional content for jewellery company Myel featured on screens with matching background. Content features light lines gems and charms.