Diving In

For the last three years, I have been cultivating and growing my passion for design. As I’m reaching the end of my time at school, I’m finding myself more and more eager to put my creative muscles to work and step into the workplace for my first full-time graphic design job. I’ve learned so much in my graphic and web design program, from concrete skills in design to learning about myself and my strengths and weaknesses as a designer. Next, I look forward to learning more skills and adapting to the pace and structure of the workplace through my stage and, soon, my career as well. 

As I’m a little older than most of my peers, my approach to the stage and school is quite serious. I would like to make graphic design my career and start working in a full-time capacity as soon as possible. In terms of the workplace, ideally I’m looking to start in a challenging and stimulating position, but I do understand that I will have to prove myself, though I don’t doubt I will. I enjoy working in teams or individually, so I know I will be able to adapt to whatever circumstance I am met with and contribute positively to any workplace I am in. However, I would prefer to work in teams, as I appreciate feedback and get along well with most people. 

I currently live in Hudson and will likely have to commute to work, but I don’t mind this at all as I’m already an early riser. I’ve been saving in the hopes of buying my own home in the next few years and moving closer to the city and to my prospective workplace. I am motivated not only by my passion for design but also by my goal to establish myself in my career and in my adult life. I’m excited to be pursuing my dreams and diving headfirst into this new adventure.

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