Announcement: Design Showcase

I am writing this post to invite you to an event that is very special to me. On April 10th, 2024, between 5 and 7 PM, myself and fellow peers will be hosting a graduating vernissage to showcase our work from the past few years. As graduating students of the Graphic and Web Design program at John Abbott College, we’ve accumulated a plethora of beautiful and creative projects throughout our three-year journey in the program.

We invite you to dress up and join us at the John Abbott College Agora to indulge in wine, cheeses, conversation and to admire the stunning array of work on display. From captivating brand design and development to vibrant illustrations, eye-catching print design, engaging web design, and captivating photography, there’s something for everyone to appreciate.

This is an opportunity to interact with both teachers and students of the program, and perhaps discover the perfect designer for your business needs. Additionally, there will be books, catalogs, brochures, packaging, and other fun keepsakes available to take home.

I will personally be presenting my work, and I am eagerly anticipating this year’s vernissage. It feels like the culmination of my last three years of hard work and growth as a designer. Reflecting on my projects, I’ve witnessed a significant improvement in my skills and design sensibilities over the years.

I’m excited to showcase some of my strongest projects and demonstrate to prospective employers the breadth of my capabilities in design, illustration, and project execution. Furthermore, I look forward to elaborating on my ideas and the design process behind each of these projects with attendees. I am also eager to see the impressive work of my peers and our community. Through our shared experiences, we’ve formed a close-knit family within our classes and I hope you will share in the warmth and joy of this event.


My Many Dream Jobs

I used to be unsure of what I wanted to do, but in finding this program and enjoying it as much as I have, I find myself with the opposite problem: There are far too many things I am passionate about and would like to pursue. Who knows where the next 10 years may take me, but I am open to it all. I know that I will be happy and fulfilled as long as I can work in a creative and challenging field. 

Ideally, I would love to work with others at a design studio. I enjoy the feedback of working in a team or with a supervisor or coworker to bounce ideas off of. Working on advertising and promotional materials, branding, and packaging design would be fantastic. I love working with my hands and am fascinated with how texture and shape can impact the customer experience, so packaging and print publication are of particular interest to me. Social media marketing could be a fun challenge as well, and I think I could be well suited to offering a fresh, current point of view.

I have a few other passion projects in mind as well, but I think I would prefer to do some of these as freelance work in my free time. I would love to start writing and illustrating children’s books about nature and ecology. In addition, I would like to act on my passion for creative animation by making my own stop-motion or digital animations on Youtube and potentially voice-acting as well. I have always been known for my funny voices and character-creating prowess, so voice acting for commercials or animated shows would be a super interesting thing to try out.

Finally, my ultimate long-term goal is to become a creative director. Choosing concepts for fashion photoshoots or visuals for promotional materials in the music industry or in any highly creative industry would be a dream come true. Regardless of where I end up, I am very excited to see where my ideas and exceptional work ethic will take me next.


Diving In

For the last three years, I have been cultivating and growing my passion for design. As I’m reaching the end of my time at school, I’m finding myself more and more eager to put my creative muscles to work and step into the workplace for my first full-time graphic design job. I’ve learned so much in my graphic and web design program, from concrete skills in design to learning about myself and my strengths and weaknesses as a designer. Next, I look forward to learning more skills and adapting to the pace and structure of the workplace through my stage and, soon, my career as well. 

As I’m a little older than most of my peers, my approach to the stage and school is quite serious. I would like to make graphic design my career and start working in a full-time capacity as soon as possible. In terms of the workplace, ideally I’m looking to start in a challenging and stimulating position, but I do understand that I will have to prove myself, though I don’t doubt I will. I enjoy working in teams or individually, so I know I will be able to adapt to whatever circumstance I am met with and contribute positively to any workplace I am in. However, I would prefer to work in teams, as I appreciate feedback and get along well with most people. 

I currently live in Hudson and will likely have to commute to work, but I don’t mind this at all as I’m already an early riser. I’ve been saving in the hopes of buying my own home in the next few years and moving closer to the city and to my prospective workplace. I am motivated not only by my passion for design but also by my goal to establish myself in my career and in my adult life. I’m excited to be pursuing my dreams and diving headfirst into this new adventure.